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Mowing Shrub Trimming Debris Removal

Tree Trimming

Fertilizing Leaf Cleanup



Regular Square Lot

Starts at $80/mowing

Corner Lots

Starts at $90/mowing

Shrub Trimming                                                    BACK TO TOP


Less than 7 feet tall (15% discount for more than 15 shrubs)


Greater than 7 feet tall (10% discount for more than 15 shrubs)


Debris Removal                                                    BACK TO TOP


Preseason cleanup and standard debris removal

32 cents/square foot

Emergency branch and tree removal

Starts at $100/visit or $300 for an average tree

Tree Trimming                                  BACK TO TOP


Raise low branches


Full trimming (minimum $100/tree estimate required)

Approximately $1.50/foot in height of tree

Fertilizing                                          BACK TO TOP


One-time pesticide and weed killer

3 cents/square foot

Standard 3 applications per summer

7.5 cents/square foot

AdvancedCare 5 applications per summer

10 cents/square foot

Leaf Cleanup                                    BACK TO TOP


Postseason leaf cleanup

$5 per bag

Preseason dethatching and leaf cleanup

50 cents/square foot



Last modified: 11/26/04