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Welcome to the Prometheus Web Site!

    Thanks for visiting our site on Prometheus.  This Web site will contain many ideas of how the Greeks lived and what the beliefs of the Greek ancestors believed were true.  All the areas of Greek Mythology that we have covered are linked on the side of the page and we welcome you to take a look at each of them.  We have also added a page on what we believe the world would perceive of Prometheus and Greek Mythology as a whole if Greek mythology was a followed religion in this time.  All ideas in these pages are not reflects of our beliefs.  All statements contained within our web page are for entertainment purposes only and should be examined in your own context as to what you think is true.

    If you have any thoughts or comments on or web page, you can email us on our Feedback Page.  Many of the basic questions are answered on our frequently asked questions Page so please visit that page before sending us feedback.

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